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  • It's time to change the law

    Public opinion on marijuana has changed, and we need our laws to reflect common Canadian values. It's time for us to have sensible marijuana policy.

  • Let's grow the vote

    The federal election is an important opportunity to have our voice be heard on this issue. From the national debate to the ballot box, we have opportunity for real change.

We’re closer than we’ve ever been before, but we need your support.

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We are Sensible BC

We want to place marijuana regulation in the hands of British Columbians.  However, there are a number of roadblocks that we need to resolve before we can accomplish our goal.  To realize our vision we will need to:
  1. Remove Marijuana from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

    The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is Canada’s federal drug control legislation. By removing marijuana from the Act we place the regulation in the hands of the provinces, which would allow BC to officially control and regulate the sale of marijuana just like it does with alcohol.
  2. Implement sensible marijuana regulations here in British Columbia

    Creating a provincial regulatory system would allow us to create a made-in-BC marijuana policy.  Provincial control would allow BC to build off of lessons learned from controlling the sale of alcohol and tobacco while also drawing on the growing body of international best practices for marijuana.
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Our latest campaign

Week of Action to Defend Dispensaries

Health Minister Rona Ambrose is demanding that the City of Vancouver cancel its plans to regulate marijuana dispensaries. Instead the Health Minister wants the city to raid and lay charges against all dispensaries. She also says that patients just "believe" that marijuana is helping them, but that in reality it is not a valid medicine. 

Sensible BC is sponsoring a "Week Of Action" May 11-15. We asking Canadians to call Ambrose's offices and tell them about their experiences with medical marijuana. We need your help to educate the Health on the benefits of medical cannabis. Let's get her phones ringing off the hook!

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Sensible BC comment on Vancouver’s proposed dispensary bylaws.

High fees and lack of access in the Downtown Eastside are two issues for cannabis advocacy group.

Sensible BC acknowledges that the City of Vancouver’s draft “Regulation of Retail Dealers for Medical Marijuana-Related Uses” is a huge step forward in the battle for marijuana reform, not only in Vancouver but for the entire country.

As Canada’s largest advocacy group for marijuana legalization, Sensible BC generally agrees with the proposed policy that will be presented to Vancouver City Council on Tuesday, April 28th.

“We really feel this is a step in the right direction,” said Dana Larsen, Founder and Director of Sensible BC. “This is a landmark policy that is the first of it’s kind in Canada, which will legitimize and protect medical cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. We’re excited to be a part of this, and we hope that more municipalities will adopt similar policies across Canada.”


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Posted on Apr 24, 2015 by Jen

Help make our new website look great!

We are in the final stages of revamping our website, and are looking for images that our members and volunteers may have of canvassers and campaigners ‘out in the field’. We have some great images, but we need more!

Specifically, we are looking for images from tabling at events, street canvassing, door to door canvassing, and basic public engagement. Perhaps if you were at the conference, you snapped some shots of learning in action; perhaps you have shots from the referendum campaign at a community event - these are all gold!

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Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by Tammy

MMPR Court Case Update

As we approach the one year anniversary of the injunction to protect the patient’s right to grow marijuana, the federal government is in court right now challenging that decision.

This case is important for anyone who wants to see the end of marijuana prohibition in Canada. It’s about preserving a patient's right to legally choose how they get their own medicine.

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Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by Dana

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