How to help collect signatures


Want to decriminalize marijuana with a BC referendum? Then help to collect signatures by becoming a canvasser! Here’s how it all works:

SHORT EXPLANATION: If you think you can get at least 10 signatures from your friends and family, then just fill out THIS FORM and send it to us by fax (604-620-6599) or scan and email ([email protected]). Then contact your local organizer to get your materials.


1)To have a referendum on the Sensible Policing Act, we need to collect signatures from 10% of the registered voters in every one of BC’s 85 electoral districts. That comes to well over 400,000 people. We only have 90 days to collect the signatures, and we’ll be doing that from September 9 to December 5.

2) Signatures can only be collected by registered Canvassers. Each sheet of signatures must be witnessed and signed by a registered canvasser. We will need thousands of canvassers all across BC. Whether you will collect 10 signatures or 1000, you first need to register as a canvasser.

3) To register as a Canvasser, you must fill out this official registration form, sign it and send it to our office. 

When filling out the form, include your name, address and birthdate. (Put your home address, not your PO Box.) Drivers license is not mandatory

 Under 'Title of Initiative'   write in An Initiative to Amend the Police Act

 Under 'Name of Proponent'  write in Dana Larsen

Send us the filled-out form by fax, email or mail.

• You can send it by fax: 604-620-6599
• Or scan and email it to: [email protected]
• Or mail it to us: Sensible Change Society, #814-207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H7 (Fax and email are very much preferred.)

4) Once Elections BC has approved your canvasser registration, you can pick up your materials from your local organizer.

5) People can register as canvassers any time. We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

6) You cannot start to collect signatures until September 9. Each sheet of signatures must be witnessed and signed by a Registered Canvasser.

7) There is a different signing form for each Electoral District. You can collect signatures from people in any District, but people must sign the right form for their district, or their signature won’t count. You will be able to find all the different sign-up forms for each district here. (These forms are not yet available. Check back September 9.)

8) It’s best to print out at least one of each district form to have with you while canvassing, in case you find someone who is from out of town. If you are in an urban area where there are many districts, you will definitely need to have many forms on hand.

9) If someone doesn’t know what district they live in, you can search their postal code to find out. You can do that here: If they don’t sign the right form for their District then their signature doesn’t count!

10) There are different ways to collect signatures. Start with your friends and family, then talk to your co-workers and neighbours. We’ll be able to put you in contact with other local canvassers and volunteers.

11) We can help you get together with other canvassers in your area to work together. Collecting signatures on a busy streetcorner in a small group can be effective. High-traffic areas and community events are a good place to start. You can also go door-to-door.

12) We also need canvsssers to host fixed locations where people can come to you to sign the forms. If you have an office, storefront or home space available that people can come to during fixed daily hours, that is very useful. We will put that information online and encourage people in your area to come there to sign.

13) All completed signature sheets need to be physically sent to our office. We can’t accept scans or faxes. We will collect and bundle them to get them ready for Elections BC. You should send sheets in regularly, as they are completed.

14) If we have enough signatures before the December 5 deadline, then we will make history with a referendum to decriminalize marijuana in BC!

How many signatures can you collect? Become a Sensible BC canvasser and let’s find out!

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