Federal Election 2015

2015 was a crucial year for marijuana policy in Canada. Two of the major political parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals, have made it a key election issue. That is great for us - it gives us the opportunity to foster debate about the future of Canadian marijuana laws, and activate our teams in key swing ridings in the election.

One of our strengths as an organization is people power. In the referendum campaign we connected with hundreds of thousands of British Columbians in direct, one on one conversations. Election organizing is all about having direct contact with citizens - so our experience as a movement is invaluable.

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Defend Dispensaries - Public Hearings

We’ve come a long way. Marijuana policy is changing all over the world, and we have an important opportunity to advocate for sensible marijuana regulations starting on June 10th in Vancouver. If you want to include yourself in the leading edge of change, sign up to speak at the public hearings right here!

While we broadly support the new regulations, Sensible BC is still looking for patients and advocates to help push for key changes before the current proposal becomes law.We need your help to put pressure on Vancouver City Council.

Here are some of our key concerns about the legislation:

  • Local access: The zoning boundaries and buffer zones would force many dispensaries to either move or close. The regulations will also push all of the dispensaries out of the Downtown Eastside.
  • A ban on edibles, restricting access to patients who prefer their medicine as food rather than smoking
  • A new $35,000+ annual fee for dispensaries

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