Federal Election Endorsements

Before you get started

Before you start scrolling through Sensible BC's recommended candidates for each riding in BC, make sure to find your riding by following this link to Elections Canada's Voter Information page.

You can also find your polling location on the Elections Canada Voter Information page if you did not receive a voter card at your current address. The following list of ridings has been divided up based on how close each race is expected to be between the Conservatives and the strongest progressive party.

High Priority Ridings

The High-Priority table represents ridings that are very tight races between the Conservatives and one of the more progressive political parties. We will be doing our best to ensure that our supporters in the area are provided with information about the polling in their riding and that they make it out to vote on Election Day.


1 – Based on riding level polling conducted on behalf of Dogwood Initiative between Sept 9 and 13.
2 – Based on riding level polling conducted on behalf of LeadNow.ca between Oct 9 and 11.


Medium Priority Ridings

The Medium-Priority table represents ridings that host relatively tight races where support for the parties is separated between 5 and 15%. These are important areas but are not strategic priorities.


1 – Based on riding level polling conducted on behalf of Dogwood Initiative between Oct 1 and 5.

Low Priority Ridings

The Low-Priority table represents ridings where one party is heavily favoured to win by more than 15%. Spending time and resources on these ridings isn’t strategic given election spending limits and the short timeframe of an election campaign.


Ridings without Endorsements

We are not endorsing candidates in ridings that are battles between two or more progressive parties (NDP, Liberals, Greens). All of these parties support progressive marijuana policies and we would be happy with any of them in power. We will also not be campaigning in these ridings.


Riding by riding data current as of October 9th, 2015.