Protest at the Legislature

February 11, 2014 at 11:30am - 3:30pm

BC Legislature (Victoria) , 501 Belleville St , Victoria, BC V8V 2L8 , Canada

Join the Sensible BC Team as we raise awareness at the opening of the BC Legislature.

If you're coming from the mainland, we will need to be on the 9am ferry from Tsawwassen terminal.

We will be on the Legislature grounds from 11:30am to 1pm, with signs and banners.

We will break at 1pm for a group lunch, and then hopefully take a tour of the Legislature building before heading to the 5pm ferry.

If you will need a ride, or if you will have extra space in your vehicle, please email the event manager Cindy Heemeryck to arrange carpooling.


Contact Cindy Heemeryck at


Google Maps & Directions

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Will you come?

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    I know this one is doubtful, but is anyone coming from the Kootenays?
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-20 21:09:19 -0800
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    Got a request for a ride from Abbotsford. Is anyone driving to Victoria from Abbotsford? Still looking for a ride from Surrey as well as Coquitlam. Message me if you can help
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-20 19:49:57 -0800
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    Looking forward to meeting you all on Feb. 11th!
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-18 18:51:39 -0800
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    Are all 144 people actually planning on coming? Or have some people indicated that they will be going just to show support? It will be incredible if we have over 100 people actually in attendance.
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-17 11:44:13 -0800
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    We are currently looking for people with extra seats in your vehicle. Is anyone coming from Hope? Is anyone coming from Coquitlam? Is anyone coming from Surrey? All cars and walk on MUST be on the 9:00am ferry.(or earlier) We will pick you up Victoria side (walk on) We still have to 2 seats leaving Broadway and Commercial (skytrain) at 7:00am We have 3 seat available from Campbell River Please message me if you have or need a ride. Only one seat left on the Okanagan Express!
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-15 23:17:45 -0800
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    ☢☢☢ sure would be good to see the CANNAbus on the ferry over & parked opposite the legislative main doors ( with permit ) , should the camera's need out of the Fukushima Radiological Rains of early spring or denied our civil duty to podium our directives from the Legislative steps, the bus roof would make a fine auxiliary " band stage " & camera platform perhaps ? = it shall be a grand stand of all kanadian kind to ask what they intend to do with our Sensible BC petition in the name of direct democracy, which we clearly have elected to self enable our person & begin the process of revoking the ASSUMED State POWER of ATTORNEY inferred in these fiat Repersenative Democracy election
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-15 15:06:56 -0800
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    Is anyone coming from Coquitlam on Feb 11th?
    posted about this on Facebook 2014-01-14 13:19:41 -0800
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